Mini Egg Kaleidoscope

Mini Egg Kaleidoscope


This Egg-Sized Kaleidoscope Wand Kit consists of a complete kaleidoscope assembly, eye piece and polished brass end pieces, designed to easily screw together for quick and secure assembly. A magnifying lens is included to enhance focus on the patterns from the multi colored bead reflections. Includes front surface mirrors, brass ends, colored bits, and all necessary hardware.   This great scope is only 65mm (about 2.5 inches) long from end to end when finished!


Note: this is a kit, not a finished kaleidoscope.  The wooden egg shown in the picture is NOT included in the kit, but can be purchased separately.  The body of the kaleidoscope is a brass tube, which you can decorate any way you like!   Although designed for wood turning, you can cover the tube with whatever you like, and in whatever shape you choose.   

We also sell a number of egg stands which make a great decorative holder for this kit.  Click here to see stands (coming soon).

Additionally we sell an unfinished wooden egg that fits this kit.   Just sand it a bit, stain or paint if you like, and cover with polyurethane, or shellac - or nothing at all!