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Glass Gems

Glass Gems


We had these glass gems made specially  for kaleidoscopes.   These are translucent, faceted, glass gems, no holes, no backing, - NOT beads!  There are several shapes in the assortment, including diamonds, hearts, flowers, marquis, rectangles, equilateral crosses, half moons and more.   
Sizes range from about 3 - 10mm.   Sold by the gram...each gram will have different shapes and colors. 

**While you are welcome to order as little as one gram of any size, please keep in mind that if you order the mix of all sizes you will likely not receive any large.  The large pieces alone can weigh close to a gram by themselves, and so trying to mix ALL sizes tends to weigh well over a gram, so we suggest a 2 gram minimum when ordering a mix of all sizes.


Price is per gram only for small, medium and large gems.  Small gems can also be purchased by gram or in a small vial of approximately 3-4 grams at a discounted price.    $1.75/gram - just enter the number of grams in the quantity field.   

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    Due to frequent questions please note that the glass gems are sold per gram and not per bag.   These are not cheap to make - they are faceted, and they are NOT beads.  No holes, perfect for scopes, although not big, so if you're making a large scope you may want to mix these with some larger pieces.  

    If you are buying the large size, please note that that 1 gram is only going to be approx. 2 pieces.    For that reason, we advise buying more than 1 gram of the large size (you don't have to, but just a recommendation!).

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