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Deluxe Teleidoscope Kits

Deluxe Teleidoscope Kits


We are now offering Deluxe Brass Teleidoscopes, complete with a heavy, polished and lacquered brass tube, brass end pieces, genuine glass crystal ball, 3 strips of glass front surface mirror, and a magnifying lens to make the view sharp and crisp.  These are great kits, easy to assemble, and a great low price for the high quality parts it comes with.  With these kits a beginner can make a high quality teleidoscope with ease.  Makes a great gift, or build one for yourself!   If you want, we will even put it together for you!


Now available in 2 different sizes...6", or 9" !!   For a limited time, the 9" kit comes with a FREE stand, made of genuine marble!!   (12" is currently out of stock).


Teleidoscope Kits start at $19.95 for the 6" kit.   Assembly of any kit is an extra $10.

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