Acrylic Chambers


If you want to make unique kaleidoscope chambers with your own glass, plastic, metal or other colored pieces, we are pleased to offer these, clear acrylic chambers. Fill the bottom part with your colored objects and seal the top to the bottom with Craftics16 or Craftics33(click). When dry, fill the chamber with Silicone.htm(click) through the tiny hole in the lid. Then close the hole with the stopper. We recommend our fine tipped squeeze bottle to fill with silicone.


Empty Chambers are $2.95 each

Silicone Filled with gems are $7.95 for the 27mm size, and $9.95 for the others.

Hemisphere - 31mm inner diameter, 35mm outer diameter (of the lip), the lip is 12mm high, overall height is about 34mm

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