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Front Surface Mirror - A grade, B grade, Acrylic FSM
PREMIUM "A" Grade, Front Surface Mirror

Boston CraftWorks is now carrying 1.5mm "A" grade mirror. The full sheet size is 24 x 16" sheets, and unless you specifically ask, we will cut it in half, to 16 x 12" for safer shipment. Made in the USA.

Buy in bulk to SAVE!! Please call for quote if interested in 50+ sheets

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"B" Grade, Front Surface Mirror

Boston CraftWorks is now carrying its own brand of "B" grade mirror!! It's a little thicker than the "A" grade at 2mm. We may cut in half for shipping - please contact us if you don't want it cut in half

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Acrylic Front Surface Mirror

ACRYLIC Mirror - This mirror is real front surface mirror, but laid down over acrylic instead of glass.   It is the same mirror as our "No-Glass" kaleidoscopes and produces an excellent image.   Comes in a 12" x 12" sheet and can be cut with scissors.   Great for experiments, testing ideas, and general front surface projects where glass may not be practical.   It is flexible and can be twisted/bent in ways that glass mirror can't.   It is fairly rigid on its own, but can always be mounted on another surface if necessary.

Acrylic Sheet - 1 sheet of 12" by 12" front surface acrylic mirror.  $9.95

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